Blake - The Paint Place NY


Blake is an art lover and is always down to visit a museum. He has a degree in studio art and another one in art history. Blake has worked with artists, galleries, and museums throughout New York City teaching painting, organizing exhibitions, and loves encouraging everyone to get artsy! Originally from southeastern Massachusetts near Cape Cod, he now lives in Queens. Blake loves ancient art, Contemporary Art, Public Art, and is a strong believer in the positive effect art can have on us all.

Favorite Artists – Michelangelo, Goya, Schiele
Favorite Painting to View – “Storm on the Sea of Galilee,” Rembrandt
Favorite Painting to Instruct – “Great Wave off Kanagawa,” by Hokusai
Favorite Music for Painting – Miles Davis
Hobbies – Reading, running triathlons, enjoying nature
Fun Fact – I’m from the Northeast but I love Country Music!