Can Wine Improve Your Overall Painting Skills?

Can Wine Improve Your Overall Painting Skills?

Drinking wine is good for many reasons. It’s a relaxing way to unwind after a difficult day at work. Red wine is supposedly healthy for your heart. But can sipping wine help to improve your overall painting skills? Here are some ways that drinking wine might be able to help you become a better painter.


Drinking wine is relaxing. That’s why it makes a lot of sense that people choose to drink wine to relax after a long and stressful day. When you are more relaxed, you can focus on having a fun time painting instead of being distracted by other things. It is difficult to paint something beautiful and detailed when you are stressed out. Sipping wine might just be enough to relax you so you can work on your painting.

Can Wine Improve Your Overall Painting Skills

Risk Taking

When you’re a little buzzed, you’re more likely to take risks. In some cases, taking risks is a really good thing, like the time when you felt comfortable enough to really belt out your favorite songs at karaoke night or volunteered for a project at work that was just a little past your comfort level. Risk taking can help you find new opportunities or hobbies that you love. Sipping wine while painting may help you to consider broader strokes and take chances on creating your own variation of something that’s a little further away from the original.

Less Self Conscious

Wine can make you feel less self conscious. When you’re painting in a group environment, such as at a painting party or class, you might feel uncomfortable painting because other people might see your work or you feel that they might judge your painting skills. With the help of a little bit of wine, you might be just a little less self conscious. This could let you focus more on learning new skills instead.

More Creativity

Research shows that drinking wine can help you be more creative. This is perhaps why so many creative artists loved to drink wine. If drinking a little bit of wine can help you get into the creative spirit and channel new ideas, why not? Sip and paint parties have become popular for a reason.

Slower Progress

In life, most of us have a tendency to rush through things, especially when we feel overscheduled. We just want to cross off another item on our to do lists and move on to the next thing. Think about the books you skimmed in class when you were pressed for time only to promise yourself you’d read the whole thing later when you had more time. Often, there simply isn’t enough time. When you drink wine, things slow down a bit and it’s a lot more relaxed. This can give you more time to slowly learn new painting skills instead of rushing through the motions.

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