Cary M - Painting Instructor at The Paint Place NYC


Cary is a Virginia native living in East Harlem. He enjoys painting, creating, and socializing with others. His formal art training began in Alma Adam’s garage circa 1995, followed by the tutelage of Mrs. Rosen, Mrs. Kerr, Betty Anglin and Chee Ricketts. Caricaturist at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg courtesy of Kaman’s Art Shoppe. BFA Elon University. Hobbies include urban gardening, domestic travel, and spending 2 hours making an omelet.

Favorite Artists– Van Gogh, Red Grooms
Favorite Painting to View- “The Garden of Earthly Delights” triptych by Bosch
Favorite Painting to Instruct- Paint Your Pet, Monet’s “San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk”
Favorite Music for Painting- Stevie Wonder, SImon and Garfunkel
Hobbies- Enjoys Painting, Creating, and Socializing with others
Fun Fact- Got in a fight with Suri Cruise once…