What to Include on Your Paint Party Invitations

What to Include on Your Paint Party Invitations

Planning and hosting a paint party can be a lot of fun. If it is your first time planning one, it may be overwhelming to know what to do, especially when it comes to creating invitations. After all, not all of your guests may have attended a paint party before. They may have questions that you can proactively answer on your invitations. Here are some things to include.

What to Expect

If you’ve never been to paint party before, you may not know what to expect. Be clear on your invitations what guests can expect to do at the paint party should they choose to RSVP yes. While you won’t need to include a detailed list, let them know that they will be painting their own art canvas, as led by an art teacher. You can use creative wording to get your message across, such as “Come create your own piece of art.”

Paint Party Invitations

What the Paint Studio Provides

If possible, consider including what the paint studio provides to party guests on the invitation. You won’t want anyone to show up with their own brushes, paint, or canvases, since the paint studio will provide those items. A simple line about “paint supplies provided” can be enough to properly communicate this to your party guests.


For adult-only paint parties, you might be able to sip wine, depending on the painting studio’s policies for private paint parties. If this is the case, you’ll have to determine if the studio provides the wine (less likely), you’ll provide wine, or you expect guests to bring their own. If you plan on having guests BYOB, make sure to mention this clearly on the invitation so no one feels left out.

Who’s Invited

Clarifying who’s invited to your private paint party is an important part of creating a great invitation. If it’s a party for children, you need to let guests know if parents should stay, and if siblings are invited. Because party guests will paint their own canvases, you won’t be able to squeeze in extra party guests who just show up. This makes it even more important to let guests know exactly who is invited and get an accurate head count.


If you know the theme of your party, it’s okay to include the theme on your invitations. Knowing what kind of piece they’ll be painting can help guests become more excited about attending the party. Depending what the theme is, guest may come wearing clothes that match the theme. For instance, if you’re painting pets, they may choose to wear a shirt with puppies on it.

Designing paint party invitations is a great way to let paint party guests know that they’re invited, whether you’re sending out physical printed invitations or emailed digital invites. This will make your painting party at The Paint Place really stand out to guests.

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