Ryan - The Paint Place NY
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Ryan was raised in Minnesota and resides in West Harlem. He began doing large scale professional murals at the age of 11, and has since gone on to illustrate children’s literature, design large scale projections for operas, and have his own private studio where he works when he isn’t sharing a bottle of wine with you in class!  Ryan has also worked extensively in pottery, and has instructed kick wheel and hand building. His apartment looks like a wizard lives there and that’s pretty exciting.

Favorite Artists– Gustav Klimt, Rene Magritte,Edouard Mane, Jules Bastien-Lepage , frida kahlo
Favorite Painting to View- Joan of Arc by Lepage– It’s at the Met- go look- it is amazing!
Favorite Painting to Instruct- 
The Great Wave, Almond Blossoms.
Favorite Music for Painting- 
Eva Cassidy, Prince, Billy Joel
Writing, reading, and cooking!
Fun Fact-Owns a collection of first editions ranging from Kipling to Wordsworth.