Testimonials - The Paint Place NY


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Robert Ortan

I have heard so much about people having fun at painting classes in NYC. So, when a friend asked me to accompany her to The Paint Place NY, I happily tagged along. It was a girls’ night out and I was surprised to find how we were provided with all the painting materials and given instruction by friendly instructors to create our work of art. Since I have an art degree, I was cruising comfortably with the colors and designs but even the first-timers as the instructors really showed interest into what we were doing and helped the novices get started. I never thought how such painting classes could get your creative juices flowing and even help bond with each other.

I have partied a lot but attending this class was an altogether different experience. I plan to introduce some of my friends to The Paint Place NY and who knows, we could be back with a bigger gang the next time we decide to have fun at one of the painting classes in New York.

Alexis Troianos

I had such a great time at The Paint Place! The instructors were awesome as I am the furthest thing from an artist and they really helped me create my “masterpiece”! I came here with a group of girlfriends and a few bottles of wine and we had a blast! This is an ideal spot for a girls night or a date night. It’s in a great location as well; right by the train and surrounded by tons of places to go eat and drink. Go check it out!

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What a blast! I have always said that I can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler, but when I went to the Paint Place, not only were there straight lines, but trees and flowers and bridges. I highly recommend going to The Paint Place.

Josefina Guerra

Great brunch activity. Our instructor Cary was great.


Kastalia G

Ryan was the best ! Had so much fun!